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And it made me realize that everything and everyone is connected and like water we push and pull our way through and past each other. Trying to find the path and place of least resistance just hoping to find a good place to settle. Or sometimes we just don’t settle. Sometimes we travel far and wide, we might even evaporate into the air where we’ll travel even further. But even as fleeting as air could be or as stagnant as a small pond, life is cyclical and we may or may not return to whence we came in a single span of existing, but if you go with the flow of it all, with a little luck, you’ll end up where you should.

I wish I wrote thoughts during my trip. It was much more elegant and profound than this echo. But if I can say something that resonated with me from this experience it’s this:

Life’s one big joke and one should play the fool. Nothing matters in the end Enjoy what you can while you’re here. Do good. Be excited. And do what you want to do the most always.

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April 11, 2014

takumi gettin it

I shouldn’t have laughed





"I am Bruce Wayne".

"Please touch my butt."

"I’m really into anime."

"My parents are dead."
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April 10, 2014

the future is now
How I feel when Forrest Gump is playing. "Yeah, I just said ‘you run my mind boy’, so now what?"


I made space for you to rent in my heart while you let me rent space on your cellular data plan. Rudeaf


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Fucking awesome

No HGH or PED here, that’s all natural!